Dr. Hal Bradley

    To say that Dr. Hal Bradley has lived an extraordinary life would be an understatement. Recruited by the Mexican drug cartel as a teenager, Dr. Bradley rose up the ranks to become one of the top drug smugglers of narcotics in the United States. With multiple near death experiences, he survived to turn his life around to be in service of humanity on the highest levels.

    Dr. Hal Bradley was approached by the Department of Justice to serve as a contractor from 1998 to 2017 operational in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica. He is responsible for capturing many criminals and paid back his debt to society by going on to become a Pastor with a Masters in Metaphysics and a Doctorate in Christian Pastoral Counseling, helping thousands of people to find peace in the greatest tragedies and crises.

    In his upcoming book Crisis Victory, Dr. Bradley reveals the true step-by-step system to thrive under the most horrific experiences and to emerge victoriously.